Atatürk havalimanı ucuz araba kiralama

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By renting a cheap car in Istanbul, it is important to find the opportunity to roam and stroll through the most beautiful places. Because Istanbul is a city full of great cities and historical beauties. But as a group, Istanbul is a city that welcomes domestic or foreign tourists in every season.

Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in the world. When tourists come to Istanbul, they can go to Istanbul with better opportunities than other modes of transportation by renting cheap cars according to the visiting programs.

A migration wave started in Istanbul in the 1950s. The beginning wave of migration has been influential in a part culture of Istanbul. These migration movements and urbanization policies that started to move towards globalization after the 1980s have created an Istanbul where we have to perceive otherwise in the 2000s.

This new city, which was formed in the shantytowns of Istanbul's center and which did not constitute a very identifiable whole, could be understood by the urban people only when its parts were sufficiently internalized. This situation created different textures at many points of the city. It is possible to travel around Istanbul by renting cheap cars to see all the textures in place.

The situation after the 1950s revealed the new Istanbul concept for Istanbul. Thus, the different segments of different sensitivities within the other accepted the facts and some others have also ignored at the point where the dereliction has caused. Of course, after a certain time this situation has become acceptable. In those years, Istanbul's stone was called earth gold.

Migrants were classified as old Istanbulites, new migrants and urban management. The old Istanbulites refused to own the city because of the community that came from Anatolia, but when the migrant community was turned out to be untouched. It is not possible to see this much anymore.

For Istanbul, these words are a very naive example of this reality; Today, although its name remains the same, it rejected the historical Istanbul, and it was mentioned at the time from a non-Istanbul city or an undefined settlement without a city. Today, it is necessary to do good research to have reliable numerical data about the city. The new settlement areas are more than a hundred times the area covered by the historical city. The megalopolis that surrounds the historic Istanbul is an unknown entity, its structure is a mystery and it must be explored and explored. The problems created within contemporary agglomeration are not only a result of numbers, but also behavior, and these behaviors must be controlled by plans.
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