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Car rental in Istanbul is an ideal transportation system for visiting Istanbul. If this system develops in line with the expectations of the concerned, there will be an increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul. Both short-term and long-term car rentals in Istanbul continue intensively.

Car rental activity in Istanbul is developing day by day. Looking at the first time of car rental; It is a system that has been created to allow people to travel or navigate a product and travel in the same vehicle. In Istanbul, this situation has changed from time to time in private passenger cars to closed car rental, small trucks, minibuses, when they need to become a car rental service.

For the companies that have a duration of up to one year and can be requested as days and months, the possibility of gaining much more than the long term leases has become a matter of betting for the companies that have been performing the leasing transactions.

Short-term rental in Istanbul varies according to months in tourism-oriented situation. The frequent service connection for short-term rentals and the offices within the airports give a great advantage.

Domestic or foreign tourists, enterprises, government agencies, charity businesses, overseas assistance and tourism representatives are the ones that are included in the short-term rental. In addition, short-term leasing operations in the short-term rental business as opposed to fleet leasing customers can also help each other.

In Istanbul, long-term car rental is a leasing activity in which people and businesses are made with contracts of more than one year in order to respond to vehicle requirements. In this context, long-term rentals can be expressed as fleet leasing or operational leasing. Long-term car rental service can be taken by individuals, but due to the fact that there are tax advantages, there is more demand from enterprises. Enterprises have the opportunity to have hardware and service support and to obtain tax advantages while financing their vehicles with long-term rental.

Long term car rental is a structure that includes operating lease features which is a special kind of rental. In this respect, it can be said that the sector is part of the operating lease. Because the customers are selected according to the requests of the customers, in other words, the lease process is carried out by the tenant is financed by the company is offered to the service of the customer.
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